Sid Fleischman was born March 16, 1920 in Brooklyn. Sid never planned to be a writer - when he was little, he thought that all writers were dead. "Nothing surprises me more than to discover myself a writer. I wanted to become a magician."

In fifth grade, Sid saw a magician perform, and was caught. He practiced sleight of hand during all his school years, and, once out of high school, he performed in vaudeville and traveled across the US with a magic show. He wrote a book of original magic tricks, for magicians only, published when he was seventeen.

He served on active duty in the U.S. Naval Reserve during World War II. After the war, he found work as a reporter and rewrite man on the San Diego Daily Journal.

Fleischman first started writing for kids as a way to show his own kids what he did for a living. Other dads went out to their jobs, whereas he just sat around the house typing all day. "I decided to clear up the mystery and wrote a book just for them." Mr. Mysterious became a family project, with his children giving advice on the plot and helping him pick names for characters.

Sid Fleischman is Paul Fleischman's dad. Sid won the Newbery in 1987 for The Whipping Boy - Paul won it in 1989 for Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices.

He enjoys growing oranges, plums, and figs. He enjoys eating bagels and peanut butter. His favorite color is aquamarine.


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The Whipping Boy (1987 Newbery Award)

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