Also a shortening of the phrase "as if". A common tactic of children, see also teens with angst, who have talked themselves into a corner, and do not want to face reality is to answer with Sif to every question they are asked.

"Don't you realise that you are hurting other people, as well as yourself, by acting the way you do?"


Other common replies are "Sif I'd want to do that" or "Sif that would ever happen".

It is incredibly annoying talking to someone when the only responce you get is Sif!. It is hard to tell whether the person you are talking to actually understands what you are saying and doesn't care, or doesn't care about anything in general, and thus doesn't try to understand what you are saying in the first place.

Why should anyone else care what these people do or do not understand? Sif it matters anyway.

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