Sigma Phi Epsilon is the nation's largest fraternity, by membership. For the last fifteen years, more men have joined Sigma Phi Epsilon than any other college fraternity.

SigEp was founded at Richmond College, now the University of Richmond, on November 1, 1901 on the cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and BrotherlyLove. Today, over 225,000 men have joined the fraternityand taken a vow to uphold these values.
New and Updated:

Sig Ep is an... interesting... place. Forget about feeling comfortable without a beer in your hand - the only houses where you can do that are the dry ones, and I am mystified as to why you'd want to be at one of those anyway.

Yes, they have a no-hazing policy. I don't know from first-hand experience, because I decided not to rush after all... but friends tell me that all mandatory drinking is "optional."

Regardless, it's a good place to play some pong, and the brothers are generally friendly... but, like any other frat, you run the risk of getting sucked in and never seeing the light of day again. That happened to a couple of my teammates - Alpha Chi has taken its toll on Dartmouth Ultimate for sure, and we've lost one or two to Sig Ep.

Basically, I wouldn't rush here, or anywhere, unless I was sure I would be psyched enough about it to participate almost to the exclusion of all else. That's just my take on it, I could certainly be wrong.

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