i'm currently in an 8-piece ska band, and through practicing with them for about a year now, i've noticed a few things that basically signal the end/death of a band practice. for those of you with bands, this may help you detect and, hopefully, intercept the collapse of a band practice. especially for those of you in large bands, because if you're anything like my band, you know how hard it is to get 6+ people's schedules not to collide for a band practice. for those of you without a band, this may make you think twice about joining one :)

  1. band members suggest doing covers of songs you've never discussed doing covers of, and start, right then and there
  2. three of your band members decide to form a punk band, right then and there, and start playing punk songs
  3. one of your band members is tired of playing his part, so he plays the melody or bassline, etc
  4. two or more of your band members decide to switch instruments. this is a fatal sign. close up shop from there, because they don't want to play.
  5. band members suggest playing songs your band stopped playing a year ago, just for nostalgia's sake
  6. band members decide to go outside and start throwing around the football, bombing the hill on a wheelchair, skating, etc
  7. you participate in any of this madness
  8. pizza comes, everyone goes to the backyard to eat, then everyone goes out front to perform items from #6
  9. a few of the band members go inside the house and watch tv or discuss why the band's practices suck
  10. someone in the band starts playing pure bollocks in the middle of a song
  11. a band member brings an instrument other than the one he plays, saying, "don't worry, i got it, seriously, i can do this"
  12. a neighbor comes and starts threatening to call the police or physically injure some of your band members
  13. the police come, and threaten to remove all of your musical equipment if they have to come one more time
all these things have happened to my ska band, the legends of brass. let's hope your band has better luck.

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