The greatest gun arcade game ever created. It has an incredibly realistic life-sized sniper rifle (possibly a Heckler and Koch G3 SG-1?) set up on a pedestal to fire at a screen. The scope of the rifle has a small screen built into it which you use to fire at terrorists and criminals. For crude aiming from the hip, you can look at the large screen though. The graphics are pretty good but the whole point of the game is to hold a life-like sniper rifle in your hands. Costs a lot of money and eats quarters quickly. The situations that you are placed in are not realistic however. For example, a sniper will usually not have 20 targets scattered around a city. Also, snipers will not shoot from a helicoper or at a Harrier jet plane. Nor will a sniper walk around an office building shooting at criminals. Lots of fun nonetheless.

There is also a sequel to this game call Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette. The scenarios in the sequel get even more outlandish, and involve even more running around in unlikely places shooting at increasingly futuristic weaponry and targets; or (for example) shooting through nightscopes (fine) while parachuting (not fine). Still, heckuva lotta fun as a video game, made so mostly by the rifle itself and the LCD monitor in the rifle scope. Pet peeve: the rifle swivels around an anchor point, and I can't find a comfortable position to hold it such that I'm not bent at some odd angle. I guess I'm just the wrong size for these things.

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