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Simply Mortified is the name of the latest album from BS2000. Released February 6, 2001 on the Grand Royal label.

In Rolling Stone 861 reviewer Tom Moon gave Simply Mortified 3 out of 5 stars.
NME hated it, but the British press have always hated the Beastie Boys anyway.

  1. N.Y. Is Good
  2. Sick For A Reason
  3. It Feels Like
  4. Yeah I Like BS
  5. Buddy
  6. Better Better
  7. No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach Is In)
  8. The Side To Side
  9. Extractions
  10. Boogie Bored
  11. Wait A Minute
  12. New Gouda
  13. Save This for Davis
  14. The Scrappy
  15. Mr. Critic
  16. Flossin At Lawson
  17. Dig Deeper
  18. The Dilemma
  19. In the Basement
  20. Dansk Party
The UK release of Simply Mortified had a bonus track 21 called "Mom Song."

True Casio Hardcore.

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