A celebrated Swordsman who wrote the most important treatises of the sword in the English language, in the 17th and early 18th century. A key figure for any scholar of Classical or Historical Fencing.

Born in 1660, William Hope was the son of Sir John Hope of Hopetoun and Lady Mary Keith. His kin included some of the leading aristocratic families of England during the period. Knighted in the late 1600s, he was created a Baronet in 1698 and after some time in the service of the army, became Deputy Governor of the Castle of Edinburgh – an office he held for a significant term.

He died in Edinburgh in 1724 while in his sixty-fourth year, reportedly of a fever caused by having overheated himself in dancing at an assembly.

Sir William published many interesting manuscripts upon the nature of the sword, the most noteworthy are:

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