NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

The Legged Excursion Mechanical Utility Robot (LEMUR) has been developed as a six-legged robot for giving example of autonomous walking with activity along a truss structure performing maintenance, assembly, and inspection.

Other Equipment

  • Navigation
  • mechanical operations

  • Wireless Modem for remote operations
  • Mission Operations

    • Commands are sent by modem to send LEMUR along truss structure to its designated area.
    • When LEMUR is 1 meter from the assembly, artificial-vision allows recognition and autonomous movement.
    • Simple mechanical operations can be performed at assembly with front leg/s.
    • Images transmitted to host computer.

    Operations of the Legs

    • Each of the six legs is individually controlled.
    • The four rear legs has three degrees of freedom (DOF).
    • The front two has four DOFs. They can hold/or become - working with tools.

  • One front leg could be turning a wrench socket
  • The other could be made as a hand.
  • Or could hold a macroscopic camera.
  • The kinematic format of the LEMUR allows support on four or better yet, three legs (to free up another appendage)
  • The rear feet are able to grasp objects.
  • Onboard Computer

    • Pentium - equivalent or better
    • Minimum 200 MHz
    • Dynamic random-access memory of at least 32 MB
    • Digital control circuits
    • digital input/output circuits
    • Analog-to-digital converters for input
    • Digital-to-analog converters for output.
    • Optical encoders in leg actuators for closed-loop microcomputer control of the placements and speed of them.
    • Signals for controlling actuator multiplexed through a sample-and-hold circuit after made by D/A Cnv.
    • Pulse-width-modulator circuits receive the multiplexed outputs for the motors.


    • LEMUR uses a rechargeable battery for continued one hour power needs.
    • An electrical umbilical cord can be used for sustained operations.
    • This cord can also be used as an additional bypass for the wireless modem.

    This author is currently writing a theme song for it, to the tune of "One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater."

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