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A ski film by Matchstick Productions. This movie features freeskiing, freestyle, and a little bit of snowmobile action. Released winter of 2000. The trailer can be seen at mspfilms.com.

Directed and Produced by: Steve Winter, Murray Wais, and Scott Gaffney
Formats: DVD and VHS
Running Time: 60 minutes
Bonus*: Trailers for "Something About McConkey" and "New World Disorder"
* At least for the DVD; I'm not sure about the VHS.


  1. Intro
  2. Seth Morrison
  3. Brad Holmes
  4. Evan Raps
  5. Skogen Sprang
  6. Shane McConkey
  7. Glen Plake
  8. Jonny Moseley
  9. Aaron McGovern
  10. Wendy Fisher
  11. J.P. Auclair
  12. Chris Davenport
  13. Philou Poirer
  14. Brant Moles
  15. Jamie Burge
  16. Mike Laroche
  17. Julien Lafforge
  18. Jay Quinlan (snowmobile)
  19. Chris Burandht (snowmobile)
  20. Jeff Holden
  21. Shane Szocs
  22. Rodd Adams
  23. Vincent Dorion
  24. J.T. Holmes
  25. Boyd Easley
  26. Kent Kreitler
  27. Richie Schley
  28. Alison Gannett
  29. Dean Cummings
  30. Smiley Nesbitt
  31. Mike Douglas
  32. Gordy Peifer
  33. Credits


  1. Heart, "Barracuda"
  2. One Minute Silence, "Fish Out of Water"
  3. Fear Factory, "Shock"
  4. One Minute Silence, "Holy Man"
  5. Brad Holmes, "Get Shit Done"
  6. Kottonmouth Kings, "Here We Go Again"
  7. Blood for Blood, "Livin' in Exile"
  8. Filibuster, "Rat Pack"
  9. Deluxtone Rockets, "Judgement Day"
  10. Methods of Mayhem, "Crash"
  11. Puracane, "Big Day"
  12. Crazy Town, "Toxic"
  13. Papa Roach, "Blood Brothers"
  14. Long Beach Dub Allstars, "Rosarita"
  15. Nashville Pussy, "Struttin' Cock"
  16. Jeff Holden, "Brett's Song"
  17. Sum 41, "Grab the Devil by the Horns and Fuck Him Up the Ass"
  18. Fu Manchu, "Hell on Wheels"
  19. Swollen Members, "Lady Venom"
  20. Papa Roach, "Dead Cell"
  21. Crazy Town, "Butterfly"
  22. Static-X, "So Real"
  23. Anthrax, "Fueled"
  24. Gabe Schroeder, "Sick Bird"

Main Locations

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