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Slash'EM (Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic) is a greatly enhanced version of Nethack. It includes several more or less (more often more) interesting new features, such a whole bunch of new character classes, a lot of new monsters and two-weapon combat.

Slash'Em is a variant of Nethack with many new features. Some of the new features in Nethack 3.3.0 were first introduced in Slash'Em:

There are many more features which are unique to Slash'Em. The first thing you'll notice on starting a game of Slash'Em is that there are five new classes (Flame Mage, Ice Mage, Necromancer, Undead Slayer and Yeoman) and five new races (Doppelganger, Drow, Hobbit, Lycanthrope and Vampire). You may also notice differences in your starting inventory, and in the valid race/class combinations, particularly for Elven characters. In Nethack, elves are always chaotic, but in Slash'Em, elves are based on Tolkien's elves and are lawful or neutral - chaotic elves have been replaced by Drow.

A feature you can begin to experiment with immediately is techniques, or special abilities, such as practising to improve your weapon skills for a Valkyrie or raising the dead for a high-level Healer. Most techniques are associated with your character's class or race, and you may learn more techniques as your experience level increases.

When you find a shop, try paying the shopkeeper when you don't owe any money. You will be given the opportunity to try their other services. All shops offer to identify your items for a price, and some shops also offer to uncurse your items, tell you how much damage your weapon does (appraise it), carry out improvements to your weapons and armour, or recharge items. A good use of the identify service is to pay a shopkeeper to identify your entire gem collection, selling a few whenever you run low on gold. One word of warning: sometimes shopkeepers will try to cheat you.

As you travel on through the dungeon, you'll notice many new special levels. In the main dungeon, the one to watch out for is the Guild of Disgruntled Adventurers, where you will meet huge numbers of player monsters, often equipped with offensive wands. In Gehennom, you'll find that every demon lord has his own special level - so if you've never met Demogorgon before, you'll meet him now.

Slash'Em has a large number of new monsters, items, and artifacts, and many other minor differences from vanilla Nethack. Discover these for yourself, or look at the Slash'Em spoilers on the Web.

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