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The mechanics are simple. The situation is difficult.

I am one of the hordes of American college students enjoying a year abroad. The school I am presently attending is very international, and accomodations were assigned randomly. My flatmates are all women, leaving me as the sole ambassador of the male sex during dinner conversations.

Prior to now, my largest problem was crossing the barricade of bottles that encircle the shower in the morning. Now I am sleeping with one of my friends with whom I happen to share my flat.


  • don't have to spend the rest of the night in a dorm bed built for 3/4 of a person
  • no need to be seen in public returning home the morning after


  • the other flatmates think it's cute; one wonders whose side will they be on if things go sour?
  • no evading the issue or keeping things on the DL
  • This is probably Not A Good Ideatm

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