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Slick Henry - ex-convict, builder of the Witch, the Corpsegrinder, the Investigators and the Judge, inhabitant of the abandoned toxic wasteland known as the Dog Solitude.

That had been why he built the Judge, because he'd done something - it hadn't been anything much, but he'd been caught doing it, twice - and been judged for it, and sentenced, and then the sentence was carried out and he hadn't been able to remember, not anything, not for more than five minutes at a stretch. Stealing cars. Stealing rich people's cars. They made sure you remembered what you did.

From William Gibson's Mona Lisa Overdrive.

Slick was imprisoned for three years, his short-term memory destroyed by a condition named Korsakov's, part of his sentence. Unable to remember any of his sentence apart from a blurry hole filled by confusion and fear, Slick now lives in the Solitude with Gentry, Little Bird, building mechanical sculptures to exorcise the terrors of his past. This life is shattered by the arrival of a nameless man in a coma, complete with stretcher, nurse and the mysterious object known as the 'aleph'.

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