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The Slime Worms were what passed for enemies in this Apple II game called Think Quick. You would be wandering through the maze, and suddenly one of these things would appear around the corner unexpectedly and you'd run into it and be eaten. From there you would be dumped into a strange, irregular dank twisting corridor, apparently the intestinal tract of the Worm, populated with strange unidentifiable blob-like creatures that would suddenly grab you and not let you go for a couple seconds. And when you escaped their grasp, you were covered in some random color of slime.

Being eaten by a Slime Worm was not harmful-- you couldn't "die" in this game-- but it was still to be avoided at all costs because time was the most essential element in the game. Running out of time was the only way to lose. And being eaten by the worm essentially left you with a block of time just gone, in which you would make no progress. So think about this. Doesn't that sound a bit.. familiar?

Doesn't that sound a lot like being eaten by the EDB?

What if the EDB is a slime worm??

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