A Sloe Comfortable Screw with Galliano. i.e.:

"It provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance."

I still remember the first time I saw the name "Slow Comfortable Screw up Against the Wall". I was 14 years old and visiting London with my parents. I had read up on all the "must see" places, and one of them was the Hard Rock Café on Old Park Lane near Hyde Park Corner. I guess part of the reason was (and is) that it's the original HRC. To me the main attraction was all the guitars, the gold albums and their Banana Splits. My greatest embarrasment was reading the drinks list with my parents present and seeing this very provocative drink name. I was terrified that either my mother or father would even mention this. Sensibly they ordered beers instead.

It was many years later that I tried the drink and realized what was in it. Sloe Gin for slow, Southern Comfort for comfortable, Vodka and OJ for the screw(driver) and finally Galliano for the (Harvey) wall(banger), although this in itself would call for more Vodka and OJ. Anyway, it turned out not to be my favourite drink, but that has to do with that comfortable part. I'm possibly more into a bit of rough ;-)

In hindsight I realize that my parents could have killed me that day by ordering a Screaming Orgasm and a Slippery Nipple. Thank god for Banana Split.

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