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Smashing Drive

Published By: NAMCO Homtek Inc.
Developed By: Gaelco S.A.
Gamecube Conversion by: Point of View Inc.
Genre: Racing
Released on: 2/21/2002
ESRB Rating: Teen

"Smashing Drive" is an original racing game created by Gaelco S.A. . In this game you play as a cab driver that has to work a shift of 24 hours straight. Originally an arcade game, it has been recently been ported to the Nintendo GameCube

While working on this shift you go through 3 levels(plus one bonus level each and 1 bonus stage) of increasingly difficult stages of frantic driving. The goal is to beat the other cab you are racing to the end of the level before time runs out. To keep time from running out you must make it to a time point where you get more time. Along the route you will find shortcuts (risky routes) that will give you bonus points and help you get to the end of the level quicker. But, these risky routes always involve more obstacles and traffic. While driving you collect various power-ups that morph you cab into different things. Some of these things cans help clear up traffic, or give you a boost. Very Helpful indeed! These may be some of the positive things but, theres some not-so-great things too. Whenever your cab hits something it takes damage. The more damage, the slower you go. Simple as that. And it may be wonderful if the cab has a horn, but don't hold it for too long otherwise you will blow it out and it won't work until you get a power-up.

The Power-ups are:
  • Sonic Blast- Gives your cab a powerful sonic horn that for a limited time will destroy all cars in your path.
  • Turbo Boost- This power-up gives your cab some extra speed for a limited time.
  • Glider- Puts a pair of wings on your cab that allows you to glide through the air for a limited time (but you got to get up there first!)
  • 4X4- This power-up transforms your cab into a giant 4X4 monster that crushes everything in its way...for a limtied time of course.
  • Repair- This power-up relieves your cab of all the damage it has taken and restores its damage meter to zero
  • Cutter- This power-up places two giant saws on the front of your cab...perfect for cutting through trailers and pipes. This only lasts for a limited time
  • Crash- The crash power-up puts a giant ram plate on the front of your cab which demolishes anything it runs into...for a limited time.
  • ?- This is a random power-up in disguise! You never know what you might get!

The routes are:

Smashing Drive is not Crazy Taxi! It may seem similar, but its not!

I hope this helped to familiarize you to the world of Smashing Drive...So go rent a copy or buy it, You will enjoy it!

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