A maker of alcoholic beverages that you would think is based in Russia, but in fact is not. The name was bought in the 1930's by Heublein.

They are known for vodka production.
In fact, they manufacture a whole range of vodka products, including ordinary vodka, in a variety of coloured labels:
Red - 45%, very nice mixed, and even drinkable straight (a lot more so than tesco vodka, and all it's own-brand friends)
Blue - 50%, Similar to the above
Black - 55%, Difficult to find, expensive, but very, very, nice. It has none of the chemically 'vodka-taste' that most cheap vodka has. In fact, it tastes vaguely spicey. Highly recommended. Smirnoff black is not black smirnoff ice.

Flavoured vodka (green, purple, few others) - 45%, lime, blackcurrant, few others. I recommend the lime one mixed with sprite...

Alcopops -
Smirnoff Ice (now in black and white varities). - 5.4% - Fizzy alcoholic lemonade. A very girly drink. White tastes just like metz, although it is decidedly more girly. Black tastes like blackcurrant. I think.

Up here in Canada, Smirnoff has a slightly different lineup of products (I'm not going to be so arrogant as to suggest that lj is completely wrong...)

  • Smirnoff Red: This is 80 proof (40% alcohol). The introductory model of the Smirnoff line, to speak. Much loved by underage drinkers, college students, and the like, this goes down well and isn't too expensive to boot, at roughly 20 dollars per 750mL. From my experience, the most popular of all the Smirnoff brands.
  • Smirnoff Blue: This is 100 proof (50% alcohol). Not as common as Red or Black I've found oddly enough. However, it does manage to taste almost exactly the same as Red, so if you've got a few more bucks (about 25$ for 750mL) it's worth it if you aren't the type that enjoys the taste of alcohol, as you can mix it more and still have the same kick.
  • Smirnoff Black: Delicious, thanks to triple filtering I believe. Well worth it if you can stomach the ~32$ for 750mL (aka if you aren't in university/underage). Can easily be consumed straight or mixed.
  • Smirnoff also has the flavoured vodkas lj speaks of, altho I've personally only seen lime, orange, and raspberry. 70 proof (35% alcohol) and the same cost as Smirnoff Red (20 bucks or so for 750mL).

I'm not even going to touch Smirnoff Ice, as it is the girliest of all girlie drinks. I think it's potency is best illustrated by the fact that my friend constantly mixes in the lime Smirnoff in with it, without that he refers to it as "mere Sprite".

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