Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Coleco
Model#: 2465
Rarity: 4 Scarce+

Coleco produced this Smurf videogame for both the ColecoVision and the Atari 2600. Gameplay was identical in both versions, but the ColecoVision version had much nicer graphics. Coleco had a habit of making the Atari version of their games look bad, when compared to the ColecoVision version, after all, they had consoles of their own to sell.

All of the Smurf games are must have items for any video game collector. I myself spent many hours on the ColecoVision version of this game as a kid. This game is perhaps a little too difficult for its target market, (under 10 years old), as it took me ages to pass even the second level, and I could never pass the third one with any kind of consistency. But it is a great game none the less. Thinking back now though, I can say that this game wouldn't really be fun if it was a gnome or something instead of a smurf. There is just something about the smurfs that makes everything more fun.

This game did not really have anything innovative as far as gameplay is concerned. It is just your standard side scrolling platformer, (without the platforms). (Its really just a lot of jumping over rocks for the most part).

From the back of the box.
Here's How to Play:
You control a Smurf who is off on an action-packed rescue mission! Gargamel has captured Smurfette, taken her to his castle and imprisoned her! You'll direct Smurf through all sorts of dangerous situations on his way to save her. Will Smurf rescue Smurfette or will she remain imprisoned?

This game is worth around $15 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more. This particular title came in a red box with an image of several of the generic (un-named) Smurfs superimposed over a cartoon image of Gargamel's Castle.

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