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Besides whatever social life you may or may not have, Snake II is the finest reason to own a cell phone. Snake II is the sequel to the obviously titled cell phone game Snake, in which you are a "snake" who must eat "apples" (little specks) and is continuously growing. You can never touch the front part of your body with the back part of your body, or you die.

Snake II added more to the original version by allowing the snake to travel through walls (walls killed the snake in the original), thus making the game more exciting. You also can gain a substantial amount of points by eating various other creatures that appear from time to time that look like spiders, centipedes and whales (or so I think). Not to mention allowing five mazes for more replay value.

The controls are a bit hard to get used to, but once you do the game is simple. The controls are UP (2), DOWN (8), LEFT (4) and RIGHT (6). If you tap 1,3, 7 or 9 quickly you can move in DIAGONAL directions. Basically, all the controls revolve around the 5 key.

Snake II is available on most Nokia cellular phones and is a masterful time killer during long subway rides and waiting room waits.

My high score is 808.

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