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Snake blood is used in Eastern Asia as an aphrodisiac and a sort of natural Viagra for men. Doctors and medical experts say that there is no evidence to support that snake blood will help a man’s libido, but it is still sold in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and other parts of Asia. There is dispute to which type of snake blood works the best, but most seem to prefer cobras or poisonous snakes. In many restaurants and bars the blood is diluted with alcohol or water, but in some places they have a live snake who’s tail they pierce right in front of the customer and he/she can suck blood directly from it. Supposedly the less the snake has been punctured the more potent its blood is. And if it is sucked straight from the snake it will work the best. Snake blood peddlers say that after a few minutes you will be able to feel the effects.

Some people also believe that chewing on the gall bladder or reproductive organs will clean the blood stream and maybe prevent cancer.

Snake Blood is also a name of a drink :

1 ounce Pepper Vodka
½ ounce Tomato Juice

Shake over ice then put in a shot glass.

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