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Before alcopops, the essential student drink.

Someone who drinks snakebite anywhere outside of a Student Union or an indie disco is not to be trusted.

two follow ups to this:

1. pour the lager in after the cider, or it will froth everywhere.

2. The ribena mixture makes what is known as a Purple Nasty.

3. They are much better coldish.

4. To the above recipe, add 1 shot of Blue Cucaro to concoct a Green Monster. (note! drink very few of these, the combination of 40 proof alchohol plus the mixture of hard cider and lager will knock you right on your ass.

see also real drinkers prefer their drinks to not be bright blue.

It is (apparently) illegal for a bar or pub in the UK to serve you a snakebite, such is its potent power. It doesn't taste that bad (the badness of lager and foulness of cider cancelling each other out) leaving you with a big fat pint of pretty strong mixed drink.

Of course, you can just make your own by ordering a pint of each and then mixing them into a conveniently previously-downed glass, or heck, just drink half of each 'properly'. They can't stop you doing this (in the same way they can't add spirits to a pint but you can dump a nice double vodka into your Boddingtons if you want).

For the ultimate headfuck, a snakebite made with a can of Special Brew (9% ABV) and a can of White Lightning (7.2% ABV IIRC) tastes surprisingly harmless but will happily screw you up in no time.

So, a good drink if you are going to a crappy club with people you hate and have five minutes to get loaded before heading out.

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