An alcoholic beverage which is curiously popular amongst the students where I live. To make it, take 1/2 a pint of lager (in the UK this will most likely be Carling Black Label, but any will do) and add 1/2 a pint of cider (usually Strongbow or Woodpecker) and finish off with a dash of fruit cordial, preferably Ribena.

The social consumption of this drink is responsible for several curious looking pink patches of vomit on the high street in my home town on a Saturday morning.

The same drink also goes by the name of Diesel in other parts of the country. If you like it, try other fruit-beer combinations such as the trusty faithfuls lager and lime, lager and black and cider and black; the surprisingly pleasant Guinness and black; or the revelation that is lager and Grenadine.

Snakebite and Black is also a popular drink with goths and lends its name to a goth club night in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. This is presumably because in the right light it looks like blood, and also because it's a lot nicer to taste than Newcastle Brown Ale.

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