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Just about everybody knows what a Snickers bar is -- as the commercial reminds us, you got your basic nougat filling, peanuts mixed in, caramel on top and the whole thing coated by milk chocolate.

A Snickers ice cream bar is like that, but better, because the nougat is replaced by ice cream. You find them all over in convenience stores, usually in a separate chest freezer with the ice cream bars and the Nutty Buddies.

The greatest thing about it is, on a hot day you can grab one of these and walk around eating it without the whole affair melting and running down onto your hands right off like your basic ice cream cone would. They do soften a bit but the chocolate skin helps insulate things and hold them together even after they lose full rigidity. You get a good 5 to 10 minutes of mess-free enjoyment before you have to cram whatever's left into your mouth.

All in all, this may be one of the cleverest brand extensions the M&M/Mars company ever came up with. And they'd like to tell you all about it:


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