Personally, I quite enjoy watching Snooker. But a lot of people no doubt find it pretty boring. And British television tends to televise it quite a lot, especially around the time of the Embassy World Championship from The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

So, for those who find it the "best of a bad bunch" of things to watch on TV, but want to make it more interesting, I proudly present The Snooker drinking game. It's written around the Embassy tournament, but can be adapted for any snooker. Hey, you could even play it while playing Snooker yourself... guaranteed to make things more interesting!

As with most TV-related drinking games, you have to drink a certain amount of beer, lager or cider when something happens. If your preferred poison is wine or a spirit, adjust accordingly.

Drink 1 finger when...

  • At the start of every frame.
  • Someone makes a 4 or 5 point foul.
  • Someone has a "Miss" called.
  • Someone asks for the white to be cleaned.
  • Someone uses the rest or their cue extension.

Drink 2 fingers when...

  • Someone makes a break of 50 or more.
  • Someone makes a 6 point foul.
  • There's a touching ball.
  • Second calling of a "Miss" on the same snooker.
  • Someone pots 2 reds on the same shot.
  • Someone asks for a ball other than the white to be cleaned.
  • Someone uses the spider.
  • Someone plays a plant shot.
  • Someone plays a double to pot the ball.
  • Someone gets a clear fluke.
  • Someone pots a red on their break-off shot.
  • Someone snookers themself.

Drink 3 fingers when...

  • The commentator talks about the "Knowledgable crucible audience" (usually when they applaud when the player at the table leaves his opponent needing snookers).
  • Someone makes a break of 100 or more.
  • Someone makes a 7 point foul.
  • One of the balls flies off the table.
  • Third (or more) calling of a "Miss" on the same snooker.
  • Someone uses the long-necked spider.
  • Someone fouls at all on their break-off shot.
  • The frame is drawn and they re-spot the black.
  • Someone calls a foul on themself.

Down the pint when...

  • Someone makes a maximum (147) break.
  • Someone wins the match with a session to spare.
  • There's a streaker (yes, someone once got undressed in the front row of the audience and ran around on the stage naked).

Drink every drop of alcohol in the house when...

  • Someone makes a 155 break (free ball, followed by a black, followed by a 147 - never happened in professional snooker)

Enjoy. Drink safely. If you can think of any more rules, especially player-specific ones, please /msg me and I'll include them with a credit.

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