Since I never got into the games and loathed the TV show, Snorlax is the only Pokemon I really like.

Physically, Snorlax's shape is a big, tubby snowman/bear hybrid. He is predominantly turquoise with a beige belly, face and feet. He has little pointy ears, stubby arms, round padded feet, and three horizontal lines for a face. He is therefore pleasantly round and cuddly, as well as having an eminently cheerful face which may be awake or asleep, but is always smiling distantly. The cuddly toy Snorlax that my little brother got me for my birthday a couple of years ago matches this description, is about six inches tall, and sits by my computer. I love him very much.

He sleeps. He sleeps for months at a time. When Snorlax is not asleep, and I think he wakes up something like once every month, the only activity he pursues is eating. He eats a LOT of food. Then he goes back to sleep again. That's his whole life.

Something about his lifestyle speaks to me. It's practically Buddhist. He eschews normal possessions, pursuits and goals. He leaves behind the material world, choosing only to dream. Dreaming, meditating, relaxing, being lazy, musing, pondering, idly wishing. Freedom to pursue intellectual efforts. He has NOTHING to worry about. Doesn't worry about money. Doesn't worry about existentialism. When he eats food, he takes only what he needs (it is a LOT, but even so). Enough to survive. Snorlax just enjoys life to its fullest, pursuing two of the greatest pleasures this world has to offer, never fretting. It's a stress-free, pleasant life.

Snorlax has a kind of freedom that exists only in a child's story. But don't you wish your life was more like Snorlax's? I do.

"Snorlax" is also apparently Swedish for "snot-salmon".

(Obligatory Pokedex data: Snorlax, Pokemon #143, is a Normal (Sleeping) type Pokemon with a height of 6'11" and a weight of 1,014 lbs. He does not evolve. He appears in every Pokemon game I know of except the newest ones (Ruby & Sapphire), as well as occasionally dropping from the sky - with devastating consequences - in Super Smash Bros. Melee.)

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