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Apparently, someone has already taken the time to write an in-depth review of the sociological import of the Snuggie, but I think the Snuggie needs a better short description.

The Snuggie is the brand name of an idea so obvious that I can't imagine why it hasn't come into use sooner. The Snuggie is simply a blanket with sleeves. Alternatively, the Snuggie is a bath robe that doesn't close. The Snuggie is manufactured in China out of 100% polyester, and while both of these could be seen as signs of shoddiness, quite a few things are made in China out of artificial materials. The Snuggie is sold on television, as well as through retail outlets. I paid $15 for mine, which is hardly a bad price. Of course, it could be argued that most of that price goes to the Snuggie's marketing campaign, and not to the Chinese factory workers stitching it together, but the Snuggie is not a cloth Jesus, meant to take the sins of global capitalism on itself.

And this is the crux (so to speak) of the Snuggie: it is a pretty useful idea that has somehow had to have the odium of people's fears about materialism and consumerism thrust upon it. While the Snuggie may be a sign of the erosion of critical thinking by the American consumer, it is also a way to check the mailbox on a cold morning without getting fully dressed.

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