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So Far From Home is the debut album from Brave Saint Saturn. It was released on 5 Minute Walk records on January 20, 2000. The album deals with some very dark themes (loneliness, death, etc...) but is overall about "the redemption and peace of God". The one exception is the track Shadow of Def, a parody of gangsta rap, which is halarious. My favorite tracks off the CD are Under Bridges and Moon Burns Bright. They also do a cover of Michael W. Smith's Rocketown. The album has a space theme: The song Space Robot Five is about being shy and lonely, and at the end of the song there is a quote about the moon landings; During the song Two-Twenty-Nine, which is about Resee's grandmothers death, the song opens with a recording of the Challenger shuttle crash. The music is very good and the lyrics are also great, I highly recommend it.

1) Prologue
2) Space Robot Five
3) Independence Day
4) Shadow of Def
5) Resistor
6) Fireworks
7) Under Bridges
8) Data Stream One
9) Rocketown
10) Moon Burns Bright
11) Two-Twenty-Nine
12) Gloria

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