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This could be called Listening to golf on the radio Part 2, but that would be a lossy title.

Tiger Woods and Bob May are tied coming up the eighteenth fairway of the final major golf tournament of 2000. Tiger Woods has come back two strokes in the final four holes to even the match. He smashed a drive up the fairway 350 yards. May hit a decent drive, and then a huge liner with his three wood to the edge of the green. Tiger hit a three iron on. Both now have 70 foot putts for eagle.

They've got these great English announcers. Three of the four guys talking have great English sports announcer accents. Especially the guy on the course following Woods. He gets into this Eric Idle whisper as the golfers approach the ball. "He backs off the ball. Now it's on it's way... Oh he's given it a go... Get over get over. Oh he's hit it a little long... Sit sit Sit SIT Sit SIT SIT! Oh he's hit long, OFF THE BACK OF THE GREEN! That's a HORRENDOUS put he's left himself." He just keeps building and building till he's screaming.

May just made his second putt. Tiger's got a downhill six foot putt to tie. He made it of course. But the fun part was the reverse buildup the course announcer made. He started loud before Woods addressed the ball, and his voice shrank from there. It was, "This six foot Tiger Woods putt stands between Bob May the multi-millionaire and Bob May the pauper. Well, pauper is a bit strong perhaps, but when you've got a major championship you'll never go poor again. Now Woods approaches the ball. He steps up. Tigerwhooooddddss toooo tiiiiieee." As he fades out he's softly blowing syllables over his mic. It's like if he stretches his words out, they'll be more intelligible.

Ok nevermind.

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