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and that's when I bumped into this strange little frog shaped like a triangle.
"Why hello Mr. triangle frog, how do you do?"
"Not now bitch, I ain't got time to deal with you," he replied. So I walked away from the salty bastard. So I walked a bit further to the next corner and that's when I met Robin the talking sphincter.
"Why hello Mrs. Sphincter, how do you do?"
To which she replied: "Thbbbbbbbbtt," and in a cloud of oderiforous indifference walked on. So I go down to the next block and who do I meet, none other than Wally the One Eyed Walrus Shaped Like a Piece of Cheese.
"Greetings Mr. Walri, to what do I owe the pleasure of this occasion?"
"Blip bleep bloop. I'm not a walrus, I'm a talking piece of poop."
Ummm OK, don't know what's up with that. Ya so I walk one more block, but I'm tired now, and on my way I walk into Sammy the Octagonal Tortoise.
"Watch where you're going asshole!" I say, tired of this shit.
"I'm sorry, have a good day sir," he replies.
And then I cried, for I had become one of them.

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