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So Impossible is the fourth release by Chris Carraba under the moniker of Dashboard Confessional. It is the follow up to his most successful album to date, The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most.

The EP contains four songs, For You To Notice..., So Impossible, Remember To Breathe, and Hands Down.

What makes this different from other Dashboard Confessional releases is the fact that these songs are about falling in love, and not about the hurt from not being in love. This is definitely different lyrically from his other songs but musically its still the same.

The album basically tells the story of a guy falling in love with a girl,

For You To Notice...: The guy is in love with this girl and wants her to notice him
So Impossible: The girl invites the guy to a party.
Remember To Breathe: Description of the girl at the party.
Hands Down: Probably the best song on the album, describes the emotions the boy feels when he takes her home.

Its really hard to talk about the songs so thats all I could come up with to describe them. It's probably better (actually, definitely better) if you listen to the songs yourself then to use my description of them. If you like Dashboard Confessional, this won't disappoint. If you were sick of him singing depressing songs about heartache, then this is probably the best record to pick up of Dashboard Confessional.

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