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So Much For The Ten Year Plan

A Retrospective 1990 - 2000

Track Listing:

  1. Screamager (From the album Troublegum)
  2. Bad Karma Follows You Around (Previously unreleased)
  3. Die Laughing (From the album Troublegum)
  4. Meat Abstract (From the Babyteeth EP)
  5. Straight Life (From the album Semi-Detached)
  6. Teethgrinder (From the album Nurse)
  7. Fat Camp (Previously unreleased)
  8. Stories (From the album Infernal Love)
  9. Nausea (From the album Nurse)
  10. Six Mile Water (From the album Suicide Pact - You First)
  11. Church Of Noise (From the album Semi-Detached)
  12. He's Not That Kind Of Girl (From the album Suicide Pact - You First)
  13. Diane (From the album Infernal Love)
  14. Nowhere (From the album Troublegum)
  15. Potato Junkie (From the Pleasure Death EP)
  16. Ten Year Plan (From the album Suicide Pact - You First)
All songs written by Therapy except Diane written by Grant Hart.

Early copies of the album came with a bonus CD, containing the folowing tracks:

  1. Evil Elvis
  2. Bloody Blue (Original Demo)
  3. Summer Of Hate
  4. Isolation (Consolidated Mix)
  5. Where Eagles Dare
  6. Lunacy Booth (String Version)

Released October 3rd, 2000 on the Ark 21 label.



After ten years in the business, Therapy? decided to release a nice retrospective which includes some of the choicest cuts from their five album career. I don't know who chose the tracks, but they did a very good job of it; ...Ten Year Plan strikes a nice balance between Therapy?'s original techno-metal style, the punk-grunge era of Nurse and Troublegum, and their newer "nu-metal-y" material. The only complaint I have is that there aren't enough tracks on it; I'd have liked to see Stop It You're Killing Me, or the cover of Joy Division's Isolation from Troublegum, Loose or Moment of Clarity from Infernal Love and Lonely, Cryin', Only from Semi-Detached on it, but that's a minor complaint. The two new tracks are great; Fat Camp is an unashamed noisy thrash of a song, and Bad Karma... is pretty similar, but with some very decent lyrics.

References and further info:

  • http://www.therapyquestionmark.co.uk
    The official Therapy? website.
  • http://www.therapyquestionmark.com
    Unofficial website.
  • http://www.suicidepact.com
    The Evil Elvis website. Probably the best unofficial website.
  • call's wu is pretty good, too, if a little out of date...;)

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