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Album by South African band Cutting Jade. Andrew - Vocals Shaun - Rhythm Raoul - Lead Mariliese - Bass Jorn - Drums

Strangely, the CD doesn't mention their Surnames.

  1. Little Death - Shaun
  2. Fade Away - Shaun
  3. Through Different Eyes - Shaun
  4. Swazi Malawi - Shaun
  5. Wasting the Moon - Alan Hussey
  6. No More You - Mariliese
  7. Against the Wall - Shaun
  8. She Says - Shaun
  9. Young Blood - Shaun
  10. Every Room - Shaun
  11. Cry Later - Shaun
  12. Need to Change - Andrew

Even if they didn't tell you who wrote which songs, you can tell that most of the songs are based around a rhythm guitar part. That's not a bad thing at all, Shaun writes very good songs, I really like them.

Cutting Jade is less heavy(on this album at least) than most other popular South African bands. I think they would appeal to a slightly different audience than Saron Gas or Perez. Not moshing music, but very cool nonetheless.

I like how Little Death kicks in suddenly when you start the CD, it's a nice opener, with Andrew singing "I wanna be the one / I wanna Push you over", and a very nice chorus guitar riff. I like the guitar parts on all these songs, they're subtly funky. I think Little Death is my favorite song on here, just because of the guitar. She Says was their first single, made popular by it's inclusion in Showcase 3.

On this album Cutting Jade sound something like Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews Band or Live. They definitely have slighly African influences, though I can't put my finger on anything specific. I really Like Andrew's voice on Young Blood "When you say / that you just wanna be friends / makes it sound like you never wanna see me again" and Fade Away "All I really wanna say / is I'll care for you / All I really wanna say is / I'll be there for you / When things go wrong".

The cover insert has a page for each song, with snippets of the lyrics, and photos of stuff in the background. It's really enjoyable just flipping through the booklet while listening, looking at all the pictures. very cool.

When you put the CD in your computer, you can look at lots of pictures of the band in the studio, buildings, stuff like that. it's also very cool. Also, you can watch a video of 2 guys driving up to a house, and spraypainting "Cutting Jade" on the wall, then running away. The stuff on the CD is very cool indeed.

Produced by Ralph Martin and Andrew Lester. Recorded at Barking Dog Studios.

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