Silicon Valley:
  • Median Household income: $74591* (national average: $40985)
  • Cost of living: 186%* (national average: 100%)
  • The cost of a house is typically over $400,000 and easily climbs to $750,000 or more.

As one of those people ( employees) who has caused the price of housing and the cost of living out here to soar through he roof, I see it as part of my social responsibility to help those who happen to be under that mean value.

Not everyone will agree with the premise saying that its not something that we need to do. And some will claim that the way I go about it, is not the only thing I should do.

I tip well at the restaurants I go to, as do many of my co-workers and drinking buddies. Tips on the order of 30% of the bill cost or more are not unheard of at all - given that the service is good.

It costs a lot to live out here. It is all too common of an occurrence that a pushes out some local establishment that makes this place what it is. I doubt few'ers would enjoy the prospect of never being able to go out to eat, because we have squeezed all of the waiters and waitresses out. Or not be able to go out and listen to the music that makes San Francisco what it is, because the musicians don't make enough to live here.

*: these figures are mean averages based upon of several south bay communities. Population of the communities was not taken into account in computing of the numbers.

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