You don't have to be a goldsmith to join The Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), which was founded in 1969. The Society is intended to appeal to all metalsmiths, amateur or professional. I suspect that they chose the word "goldsmith" so that they would have a nifty acronym, because (let's face it) SNAM just doesn't sound as good.

The main purposes of the Society are to encourage exchange of information within and among the various fields of metalsmithing and jewelry, and to promote awareness of the field to a wider audience.

SNAG publishes a beautiful magazine called "Metalsmith". A subscription is one of the benefits of membership, although you can subscribe to the magazine (or buy it at a newsstand) without being a member. SNAG also produces a members-only newsletter with technical articles, book reviews, and listings of jobs and other opportunities.

Every year, the Society hosts a three day conference. The conference takes place in a different North American city each year, and features speakers on a wide range of metal-related topics.

SNAG also awards two different scholarships for students, supports various workshops, and sponsors major exhibitions of modern jewelry and metalwork.

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