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A novel by Eric L. Harry in which a psychologist, Laura Aldridge, is asked by the worlds billionaire (a bit obvious cliche...but executed very well) Joseph Gray to give therapy to his fuzzy logic optical supercomputer. Here's the teaser from the back of the paperback:

It seemed almost too good to be true. Brilliant research
psychologist Laura Aldrige got the offer of a lifetime from
the world's richest man, electronics billionaire Joseph Gray.

All Aldrige had to do was fly to Gray's top-secret island
paradise and "establish a dialogue" with his newest
invention: a mega-gigabyte analog, fuzzy logic
supercomputer. It was infected with a mysterious virus
that resembled human insanity--and was swiftly spreading
from computer to mankind!

Laura was curious about Gray and she needed the money.
She didn't plan to save the world. Or even fall in love.
Much less learn the chilling truth about the evolutionary
origins of human conciousness.


Perhaps the most interesting part of this book is the, "chilling truth about the evolutionary origins of human conciousness" that the book talks about. The idea, is that knowledge is a virus. While many have said that human beings are viruses, a plague that will destroy the planet, Eric L. Harry has his characters look deeper. He points out that the reason The Internet was developed in the first place (in addition to the fact that it came into existence after the threat of nuclear war) was to build an information network resilient enough to retain all information in the event that certain parts of it went down (to make information ubiquitious).

All in all, an extremely good read. I reccomend it to noders everywhere.

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