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Sol Lewitt started work in the mid 1960's, and he continues producing art to this day. Well, to November 30, 2001, anyway. He was born in 1928 to two parents and was raised in a home full of biographical details. He's also an entertaining smartass. On to the art.

Lewitt is in many ways similar to a programmer. He creates detailed algorithms for producing visual displays, rather than creating the displays themselves. The completed displays are generally "geometric" (though, strictly, all physical entities are geometric) and large in scale. His algorithms are unified and express one abstract concept, probably due to his ideas on conceptual art.

Lewitt has stated that each piece is a representation of a single concept, that conept being a particular combination of ideas. Lewitt contends that conceptual artists are mystics, illogic judgments are capable of leaps that logical judgements are not, and form is secondary to concept. Surprisingly, his art is very ordered, and it appeals strongly to the sort of people one most often associates with rational thought. Generally, if you like Escher, you will like Lewitt.

Information taken from Sol Lewitt: a retrospective, edited by Gary Garrels.

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