Best known for her role as the cute'n'freckled Punky Brewster on the popular 80's sitcom of the same name, Frye is one of those few child actresses that now has a (relatively) successful career in the same business.

Frye was born on Aug. 6, 1976 and raised in L.A. with two brothers, Meeno Peluce and Sean Frye. She was actually close to being named "Moonbeam Java Frye" when she was born. She has appeared as a guest star in several past shows including "Saved by the Bell," "The Wonder Years," and more recently in an episode of "Friends," where she played one of Joey's girlfriends. (If you watch, she was the girl who playfully hit Joey all the time, but the innocent jabs really hurt the guy.)

Frye had a breast reduction in her late teens, but does not often talk about it these days for obvious reasons. She is currently married to Jason Goldberg. Another tidbit of info: The name Punky Brewster came from NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff, who'd had a crush on a girl with the same name some years before.

Soleil has appeared in movies such as "The Liar's Club," "Sex and a Girl," "Who Will Love My Children," "The Girls Room" and also directed a movie called "Lunch Time Special." Nowadays she can be seen most often in the show "Sabrina," opposite the teenage witch. She is also said to have appeared in at least one soft porn flick in her teen years.

Oh yeah, and be sure to check out another movie she starred in, the Oscar contender "Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings." She dies in this flick. If you feel it may damage your psyche to see our beloved Punky torn to shreds by Pumpkinhead, don't watch it. But if that's your bag, take a look... and also be sure to check out a movie called "Piranha."

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