A collection of twenty-six songs by Foibles, a San Franscisco lo-fi band. Highlights include Abel and the Railroad, Car Horn on Central, Song About a Pencil on a Bus for Jen, and Becky Never Left San Francisco. All of the songs are a little wacky, and most of the lyrics don't immediately make any sense, but this is why the album is one of my favourites of all time. Any time I'm taking life too bit seriously I'll start it playing, and by the time I get to track three I'll have relaxed and started bouncing along to the tunes.

It was released independently, under the label "Crank and Rattle Records", who are as far as I can tell just Phil Dumesnil. Unfortunately, this means the record is probably unavailable now, although you might be able to get a copy by emailing crankandrattle@hotmail.com.

Track listing:

  1. An Overture
  2. Abel and the Railroad
  3. Retina Heads Go Home
  4. Typed Resume (Bag With That)
  5. Car Horn on Central
  6. Forty-Three Masonic
  7. Honest Church Fashions
  8. Since Pink Left
  9. Froomish Home Chemistry Set
  10. Refusing to Evacuate the Pool
  11. Green Strawberry Crate Waltz
  12. Suburban Trampoline Casualties
  13. Always the Walrus, Never the Wall
  14. Say Uncle
  15. Old School (circa 1991)
  16. Prefabricated Vacation Slide Pockets
  17. Thin Litmus Confetti
  18. Middle Name
  19. Song About a Pencil on a Bus for Jen
  20. Lolly Pop Tar
  21. Dog
  22. Hilarical Burcept
  23. Cork
  24. Theme Songs
  25. Becky Never Left San Francisco
  26. World's Biggest Most Dangerous Lily Pad

The CD inlay is two photocopied pieces of paper, cut out with scissors (the edges aren't straight), with three family photos and some sleeve notes (his pen runs out around the struck-through "and"):

(c) 1998 Crank & Rattle Records
2007a Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94115
E-Mail: CRANKANDRATTLE@hotmail.com
Foibles are: Phil

Songs recorded at "You Are Here" Studios on the Amusement Park Security Task Force cassette 8-track. Borrowed instruments played by Phil.
Special thanks to Maxell, Pseudotunesmith, Asa, Vince, Wendy, Toys "R" Us (for the drums), Grandpa Bob, Mom, Pop, and doctor foxglove, Kurt Vile and the F.R.C. (and Mr. Shuggs)

love, Phil

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