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Senilio Passes, Singing

Solomon Grundy
Bored on Tuesday
Manic on Wednesday
Panic on Thursday
Drunk on Friday
Hung over Saturday
Slept all Sunday
Back to work Monday--
That's the life
For Solomon Grundy.

-Martin Bell

As Craig David might modernise it (were he to prove he could write something as black [noir] as the original):
Solomon Grundy, he was born on a Monday,
Christened at the parish church on Tuesday,
Found a girl and married her on We'nesday,
Fell ill on Thursday,

Critical on Friday,
Soul off to the other side on Saturday
Body six feet under on Sunday
This is the story of the glory and the final days
Of Solomon Grundy.
(original parody; until noded at Seven Days, Craig's original's lyrics can be found at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/alan.stuart/music/craig/sevenday.html)
DC comics supervillian created by Alfred Bester (b.1913-d.1987)

In 1894, a wealthy Gotham City miser named Cyrus Gold was assaulted by a bandit and left for dead near the murky heart of Gotham City's Slaughter Swamp. In the moment before sinking under the mud, Cyrus Gold cursed his murderer and swore he would somehow be avenged.

Almost fifty years later, Gold's corpse was mysteriously revived as an undead, earth elemental like creature, who would later be called Solomon Grundy.

Grundy first fought the original Green Lantern in 1944 and then the JSA who imprisioned him on the moon. Decades later he was returned to earth where he tracked down GL and atempted to kill him. They sent him into space never to return again. However another incarnation of Grundy soon rose from Slaughter Swamp.

In his latest incarnation Grundy appeared as an innocent mute childlike creature with no trace of his previous malevolence. He was taken under the wing of Ted Knight (the original Starman). When the second Mist attempted to destroy Knights son Jack Knight (the curent Starman), her henchmen kidnapped "Solly" (as Jack called him) and succeeded in poisoning Solly severely. After this, Solly was taken to a hospital in a coma. When he awoke he fled the hospital.

Grundy comes back and saves Starman from a bomb. Mortally injured Starman enlists the help of Batman, Alan Scott (now called Sentinel) and the Floronic Man. Together they enter Grundy´s mind and thereby learn the truth and origin of Solomon Grundy. Each version of Grundy was a different part of the whole. Sometimes a good creature, sometimes bad, sometimes intelligent, sometimes stupid, sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger, the different Grundys were all aspects of Cyrus Gold´s soul.

The heroes encounter Gold and an army of Grundys inside Solly´s mind. They fight them in order to release the good Solly Grundy. Then Solly refused to return but reminded them that when the bad Grundy returned there would always be a little piece of the good Solly present in Grundy. (it seems there is some greater purpose to his existence and that there must be a Grundy upon the earth).

Grundy next appeared the event known as the Day of Judgment, to battle the Marvel Family and Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.. Grundy then later joined an army of villains attempting to destroy Opal City, Starman and The Shade. Ultimately, Grundy gave his life to save a former friend from his "Solly" incarnation from a sniper. As he died he refused to admit that the good Grundy had influenced him, however this was clearly the case.
Grundy has yet to return.

first appearence:
All-American Comics #61 (October 1944)

Grundy first menaced the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, but has since become a foe of the All-Star Squadron, the Justice Society (JSA) and the Justice League of America (JLA), Infinity Inc., Batman, Swamp Thing and Starman.

physical descriptiopn and powers:
Grundy's body is massive, as he stands almost 7-1/2 feet tall. He weighs ´more than 400 lbs. and has strength that at times rivals powerhouses like Superman. He has chalk white skin and wears a tattered pair of black pants and suit jacket with a purple shirt. He is virtually indestructible and can regenerate his body which is made of rotting swamp vegetation. Grundy possess little memory of his former life, and has the intelegence of a small child. He angers quickly and is quite uncontrolable (think of the Hulk).

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