This writeup was inspired by the Sneezing writeup, in which freeborn says you have to learn to sneeze with your eyes open. Sorry, freeborn. That's a physical impossibility. No one (with a normal anatomy - no, please, don't get me started on what is "normal"..) can sneeze with their eyes open.

Here's a little game you can play if you're two years old. It's actually more related to stuff you can do, but here it is: what part of your body can you absolutely not touch with your right hand? Go on, try it.

/me waits.

Wrong. It's your right elbow. I know, that's cheating. Well, you could have cheated too. Actually, the point was to show you you can reach ALL of your back.

But that's not the point of this node. So, we have 1) Sneezing with your eyes open, and 2):

Hold your palms facing each other (not touching). Very good. Now touch fingertips. Thumb to thumb, first finger to first finger, etc. Now bend your middle fingers inwards, and hold your hands so that the joints (you have two joints on each finger) on your middle fingers are completely touching. (Your middle fingers should be making a "T" together.)

If my description sucks, and you don't know what the hell I'm talking about - touch the base of your right palm with your right middle finger, and likewise with your left hand. Now bring your hands together. The backs of your middle fingers should be touching. Keep those joints stuck together. Now connect all the other fingers at the tips. Well done! Keep your middle fingers like that, and make sure all your other fingertips are touching. Now, keeping your middle fingers as I said, separate your thumbtips. Now bring the thumbtips back together. Now separate your first fingers' tips. Now the pinkies. Remember - all the time, your middle fingers' joints are pressed together. Did that? Okay. Now the ring fingers. Come on.

Come on, separate your ring fingertips.

The reason you can't is that your middle finger and ring finger share the muscle that is used for extending them. (The same extensor muscle). Which is a bit surprising. You think the two fingers are independent. But they're not.

That's all the time we have today. Come back next week for Bobo the clown.

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