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Through my high school experiences, I have discovered that even though some people may be qualified to teach, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are capable or should be allowed to teach.

Example 1 - The Dumb
Teachers should at least know about what they teach. My (evil) Chemistry teacher is the subject in this example. First of all, half the class already knew more than she did, and my school is not particularly full of smart students. The one thing that made me loose all faith in this teacher was when she was teaching on the subject of reaction times/rates. She did not know the difference between surface area and volume; stating that the two were the same thing, and had the same effect on the rate of a reaction (which is not true).
This teacher was only in our school for one year, and I was unfortunate enough to have her.

Example 2 - The Biased
I, and many other people before and after me, have found that a certain History teacher is overly biased towards the females (and since the teacher is a male, this may also be considered other things as well). I know only of one male student that was able to get an ‘A’ in his class, and the main reason for that was because he managed to memorize the first part of the Constitution before the teacher expected anybody to have it memorized. I was also told that two students (a male and a female) turned in identical papers, and the female student received a higher grade.
There are also the facts that the teacher prefers girls to wear skirts and dresses rather than pants, and that he does not want them to wear jackets in the classroom either. These things are more toward pervertedness, and that also should not be tolerated in teachers.

Example 3 - The Unjust Work Givers (or something like that)
Back to the same history teacher. The main reason I hated him so much was that all he did was give out busy-work without having us learn anything. Since I objected to do any of the work, I got a ‘D’ the second semester, and new rules that year stated that I had to go to summer school, even with a ‘D’. (The good thing about that was that I ended up with the best teacher I ever encountered :)
Also, this history teacher has been at this school for many years now, and despite protesting students, he has not been punished or fired.

Example 4 - The Incomprehensible
Communication is the key to passing on knowledge. Even though I can tell that my current Physics teacher is quite intelligent and has good intentions, I find him generally unsuccessful at teaching a class. The reasons for this are because: his speech is unclear, and he is often misunderstood; he is unable to convey thoughts and concepts very well through normal conversation, and therefore confusing many people, and he is unable to keep a class’s attention, which is particularly challenging at this school. I know that he is very smart and well qualified at teaching (he has even shown me how he corrected Steven Hawking at one time), but unless the teacher can make what he is teaching understandable, it doesn’t do much good.

Now don’t get me wrong; There are many excellent teachers out there, it’s just that there are a few that shouldn’t be allowed to teach for one reason or another.

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