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A Jack T. Chick tract, from 1972.

This tract is actually pretty touching and even artistic; I think JTC deserves a big plus for choosing just this style.

This tract doesn't use many words. In fact, there's only one speech bubble in the whole tract, yet it manages to convey a lot of emotions through images.

The story is about a small, poor boy, who's living with a drunk father; He's sent to beg in the rain, gets only one cent coin, and the father beats him badly and throws him out to the rain again. The boy ends up into a box in an alley, wind carries him a leaflet with text "Some body [sic] loves you", which he cannot read - well, a woman helps the boy and reads the message for him. Boy dies happily, knowing Jesus loves him, and an angel takes him to the Heaven.

As I said, absolutely touching. =)

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