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Somersets Shaving Oil (sic) is an extraordinary shaving product, marketed primarily to men although my significant other (who is female) claims excellent results for women too.

The product is a shaving lotion unlike any other I have used. Firstly, it is sold in a tiny 12 millilitre bottle, approximately 35 millimetres in height. That's unreasonably tiny for a shaving lotion, many might think. So did I, until I read that British men have made this product a bestseller in their odd little domain.

The product itself couldn't be easier to use -- one simply dispenses three drops of the fragrant oil into one's dampened palm and proceeds to wipe the oil over the area to be shaved (which, in my daily ablutions incorprates the face to the excusion of all other body parts).

One then simply shaves in the regular fashion, with one's razor of choice (mine being the Gilette Mach-2. The experience of shaving without a thick layer of goo is quite arresting for the first few executions, however over the past fortnight I've grown to love my little black bottle of shaving joy.

The product is difficult to find in Australia, and I get mine from the News Plus outlet in the Ansett Australia domestic terminal at Sydney Airport. A bottle costs around A$10.

The following is taken verbatim from the cardboard packaging:

Just 3 drops of David Somerset's will enable you to shave closely without nicks or razor burn.
Quick and easy to use - see where you shave.
Shaves even TOUGH BEARDS closely.
Powerful Lubrication ELIMINATES RAZOR DRAG.

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