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level 42 - something about you (remix).mp3

If you want to pirate this song from p2p, get the long (eight minute) version, not the short (four minute) version.

This extended version was issued on Polydor Records on a 45 RPM 12" single. There was no known music video. I'll node the music video as I have always imagined it, with only enough lyrics to identify when the camera pans away from the band.

Scene: Level 42 concert in Nintendo world.

Player 1:
Now, how can it be(...)
Player 2:
Oh, drawn into the stream(...)
Player 1:
That there is something about you(...)
A million things and a perfect dream...
Together (echoes)
Player 2:
Oh, these changing years(...)
Melody with countermelody:

The keyboardist plays a few chords. Thwomps begin to fall from the ceiling; Boshi the bassist gives them the signal to stop.

Duet: (thanks to e-troon for figuring this out)
Something about the way you are
Can't go back we've come too far
Nothing is the way it seems
We're quite safe here in our dreams
you to me are all it takes
to wipe the slate of my mistakes
I'm not perfect that's for sure
I'm only human after all (repeat)

The lights start flickering, and the instruments begin to malfunction. When this is over, the crowd begins to look around for clues. A few seconds later it happens again. Turns out Pikachu was playing with the electrical system. Ash Ketchum's face turns all red; he runs after Pikachu. The guitarist plays a guitar solo. A few seconds after he finishes, Pikachu is at it again. "Back in the Poke Ball for you."

Melody with countermelody:

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