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A personal revelation of mine. There are times when a person is beyond your help. They have developed or been fed so many misconceptions, that you simply lack the time or energy to disagree with them.

At the time of the epiphany, I was sitting in spanish class. We had a substitute that day however, and she didn't know any spanish, which left me and the rest of the class to sit around and chat. So I started some conversation with the girl sitting next to me. She wasn't particularly adept at bringing up interesting subject matter, so I began to tell her about the debate on the right to bear arms we'd been having in my american government class.

She responded, "Well, I, like my father, am a republican, so my view on guns is pretty clear."

"You didn't strike me as a republican earlier in the conversation, I'm surprised." I replied.

Then she asked, "What's your political party?"

"Well, I'm independent but I lean towards the liberals."

Her eyes went wide, with a pseudo anger/fear, "Liberals?! Look what they've done to China!"

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