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Song and Silence, by David Noonan and John D. Rateliff, is a Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition accesory for the bard and rogue classes. It was released in November 2001, and retails for 19.95 USD.

The book also adds some new feats, thief equipment, magic items, spells, traps, instruments and prestige classes to the game.

  • Chapter 1: Prestige Classes:

      New Prestige Classes:
    • Dread Pirate - The great thieves of the sea, the men and women who are feared by all.
    • Dungeon Delver - They've been down so long in the damp, dark holes in the ground that it feels like home.
    • Fang of Lolth - The dark followers of the spider goddess, Lolth.
    • Outlaw of the Crimson Road - The thieves who have walked down the path of blood in order for fame and fortune.
    • Royal Explorer - Voyagers of the unkown, mappers of the unseen.
    • Spymaster - A specialist in the art of spying.
    • Temple Raider of Olidammara - Worshippers of the Laughing Thief, Olidammara, who enjoy robbing other deities' temples.
    • Thief-Acrobat - Rogues who use their uncanny ability in balance, climbing, jumping and tumbling to get to their means.
    • Vigilante- They have taken it upon themselves to deal justice where the law dictates.
    • Virtuoso - Crowd pleasers, they play the stage and the crowd listens to them.
  • Chapter 2: Skills and Feats

    This chapter gives a new, longer list on poisons giving us a list of 28 poisons. Instructions on how to build traps in D&D as well as giving cost and CR of such traps. For examples they give us 90 sample traps that can easily be used in any dungeon. New uses for the Hide, Pick Pocket, and Tumble skills are all given.

      New Feats:
    • Acrobatic
    • Alluring
    • Arterial Strike
    • Athletic
    • Charlatan
    • Chink in the Armor
    • Dash
    • Disguise Spell
    • Expert Tactician (Reprinted from Sword and Fist with new rules)
    • Extra Music
    • Fleet of Foot
    • Flick of the Wrist
    • Green Ear
    • Hamstring
    • Jack of All Trades
    • Lingering Song
    • Multicultural
    • Obscure Lore
    • Persuasive
    • Pyro
    • Quicker Than the Eye
    • Requiem
    • Shadow
    • Snatch Weapon
    • Subsonics
    • Trustworthy
  • Chapter 3: Bard and Rogue Equipment

    The first part gives recommendations on how to choose an instrument for a bard, and then follows up with a long listing of different(and interesting) instruments to choose from. A few new weapons are introduced: Crossbow, grapple-firing; Bayonet; Garrote, cord; Garrote, locking; Garrote, wire; Sleeve, weighted; and Crossbow, covered hand. Next is a few new pieces of thief gear. Last are magic items best suited for a rogue.
  • Chapter 4: Organizations for Bards and Rogues

    This chapter begins with ten different main ideas to create a thieve's guild upon. Bardic Colleges are also given, giving seven examples of such organizations.
  • Chapter 5: You and the World Around You

    This chapters begins with a discussion of how the rogue and bard fits into the world of D&D and how they work with other classes. The chapter also gives a section on certain combat options that you can use, such as unusual flanking situations. It also helps identify situations in which sneak attacks can be made. The rules for the garrotes, introduced earlier, are also explained here.
  • Chapter 6: Spells

    Four new spells are given for the Assassin prestige class introduced in the Dungeon Master's Guide, and thirty new spells for the bard.

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