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Sonic Foundry

Founded in 1991 in Madison, Wisconsin

Offices in:

This is from their website:

Sonic Foundry Media Software

Sonic Foundry Media Software develops sophisticated software tools for the creation, editing and publishing of digital multimedia. Production professionals use its Sound Forge®, ACID®, Vegas® Video and Vegas® Audio tools worldwide for everything from audio and video creation to non-linear digital video editing and streaming media development.

Sonic Foundry Media Systems

Sonic Foundry Media Systems provides customized development of automated rich-media applications, and scalable solutions that allow media and entertainment companies, as well as enterprises and government organizations, to deploy, manage and distribute video content on IP-based networks.

Sonic Foundry Media Services

Sonic Foundry Media Services is the pre-eminent supplier of digitization, management, and delivery solutions for various industries, with emphasis placed on services for the entertainment sector. These services consist of conversion, reformatting, and encoding of television, film, and audio content for multiple delivery platforms. Serving as the link between content and customers, the services enable media delivery through existing and emerging distribution channels.

Basically, Sonic Foundry creates software for the customer to create, edit, view, and produce their own audio, video, and combination products. For example: I have been asked to teach a class on the usage of Acid Pro 4.0 and Vegas Video 3.0 to groups of 4-6 Middle School Students. With my assistance, they will record their own videos, mix their own audio samples, and then combine the two, with an addition of their own effects and poetry/text fills.

Also, for those of you, who like me have little or no money, look at their educational discount page. If you are a student, teacher, or school, and you wish to get a discount on software, go to their educational site at the address below, and they will refer you to one of their educational resellers.


Sonic Foundry's products:


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