A rather pretty lady whose claim to fame is mainly having done the vocals for "Groovejet" by Spiller. She's got an album of her own out by now, and is currently (May 2002) on MTV heavy rotation with a neo-disco number called "Murder on the Dancefloor" of all things. The music isn't remarkable, just a load of refurbished 1970s cliché. Sophie sings in a charmingly British way and manages to look black-and-white in a colour-TV video clip by being incredibly pale and contrasting it with a cute black dress and very, very black hair. What doesn't fit is the lips and the shimmering green eyelids.

Oh, and the video shows her knocking out various competitors in a cheesy disco dance contest in various insidious ways. They did quite a nice job putting that mock femme-fatale image on her.

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