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there is a actually a distinct difference between sorority girls and frat chicks, even though most people interchange the words too much..

Sorority girls:
merely females who have joined sororities. there is nothing wrong at all with this, this is overall a normal sampling of everyday girls who for one reason or another decided to join. there are sweeties and bitches there, kind girls and horrid ones. really just a collection of people with this one thing in common, not different from any other club or group.

Frat chicks:
(are the bane of my existence?)
these are the really really irritating evil ones. the ones who spend weekends out getting sloppy drunk at frat parties. the stereotypical, ditzy, shallow college slut. the ones that really give sororities (and frats!) a "bad name". the ones who go out and cause trouble for the hell of it. the ones who run shrieking thru the streets at 5 am, screaming and laughing because they're smashed off their asses.

that's really the difference. and really quite enough said about that.

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