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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 26. Soufflé of Chickens a la Creme

This dish is made of the remnants of roasted chicken. Take off the white flesh and mince it very small, pound it in a mortar with a little Béchamel, a good lump of fresh butter, and salt and pepper; with this mix the yolks of four eggs. Strain the whole through a tammy, or a hair-sieve; then beat the whites of five eggs till they form a single body; mix these with the former preparation, and put the whole in a dish "a suffler," or in a croustade that has been raised like the crust of a pate chaud. It will be done in a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes, according to the quantity. It is to be observed that if the oven is too hot, the outside of the soufflé will be burnt, although the inside is not done enough. This, therefore, must be carefully attended to.

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