They're really massive. Huge. Immense. During apartheid, SA wasn't really allowed to invest in foreign countries, so, guess where the tax payer's money went. No mall is smaller than 50 000 square meters of retail space (50 000m2 = 31 square miles). So they're really big. Bigger than the vogon hyperspace bypass in the Hitch Hiker's guide to the galaxy.

The arcade is massive, with most of the latest games and bloody cheap for other people who's currency isn't 40% devalued. an average game costs R4 ($0.25).

The movies are okay, with most malls having an average of 7 cinemas. the movies are usually about 2 months behind the americans (X-men is only out next week 22 Sep 2000). The tickets and popcorn are (together) around R40 ($6) for a large coke and mega tub popcorn.

In short, a really cheap and fun way to waste time.

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